What do you want to read next?

Finding your muse

Sometimes, especially after finishing huge projects, you feel like being empty. All inspiration seems to be gone for the moment and you really could do with a little poke by a muse.

After finishing my latest book The Complete Guide to Lace Knitting I’m feeling a bit uninspired. Being in the middle of my summer term exams phase doesn’t help at all as my head is filled up with histology and organic chemistry at the moment.

I really could use your help: Please tell me what you want to read next. Are there any knitting related topics you are desperate to have a tutorial about? Are there any techniques you would like to learn? Or is there something complete different you’re interested in?

I’ve prepared a one-question survey (yes, it’s really just one question!) for you: What would you like to read next?

Thank you so very much. I really appreciate your time!

Happy knitting, -Julia

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