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  1. Mari McDowell says:

    Oh my!!! Definitely a book that I will need…and use…!!! Lace shawls have been my passion for the last few yeas. My sweet grandbaby, at 3, used to help me pick out yarn as “we” made prayer shawls for people. ( Her help consisted of picking mostly bright pinks and purples and brightly contrasting beads, then snuggling up next to me and watching me knit…while asking 101 questions…) One day she asked me why we only made shawls for someone only after something bad happened? I didn’t have a good answer. So, we started Kailee’s Hugs. A special, and private shawl ministry where “we” are making a shawl for every lady in the church. As I finish a few, someone will be gifted with a shawl, out of the blue. and for no reason…we give it by wrapping that special “hug” around their shoulders and telling them that they are special and loved. It will likely take me 10 years to complete…in between baby gifts and youth birthdays, and of course, elf dolls for Christmas… (I never thought a hobby I did while on bedrest during pregnancy so many years ago would become such a source of fun and joy for so many people in my “golden” years!)

    You were kind enough to send me a pattern named “Bea” for one of our church ladies (her name is Bea…) who was being treated for the horrible “C” word. She is whole and healthy today, and still carries that shawl with her. That pattern got me started on trying some of the more complex lace patterns. Tiodate, I have had the courage to do about a dozen of the more intricate patterns. Thank you for setting me on that path. I look forward to reading and using your book.Lord knows I can use the help! Congratulations! Blessings, Mari

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I have wanted to learn lace knitting for a long time, but was intimidated by it because I heard that there was a mathematical figures you had to know. I have bought you book to learn. With me luck, lololol, cause I’m going to need it.

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