Sock Knitting: Final Remarks & Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Sock Knitting for Everybody, Day 11_ Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Are you a sock knitter dying to learn how to design your own knitted socks? If your answer is “Yes!”, these sock design tutorials are the one-stop resource for you.

Sock Design For Everybody: Table of Contents

Welcome to the next part of the tutorial an sock knitting and design: Sock Knitting for Everybody! Today’s the last day of the series and time to sum up this free sock knitting course. Last, but not least we’ll list some free sock knitting patterns you can download right away.

Final Remarks

We talked about lots of topics around sock knitting during the last weeks here: from sock anatomy via elements like heels, cuffs, toes and calf shaping for knee height socks and stockings we finally arrived at discussing sizing issues and how to make them fit your feet.

I hope you enjoyed reading my articles and feel more confident in approaching sock knitting after finishing this sock knitting mini course. I’m always happy to hear your feedback – just leave a comment below telling me what you think!

Free Sock Knitting Patterns For You

Some of my sock patterns are available for free – I compiled a list of links to my free sock knitting patterns below. Besides the ones that are always free, you will be able to download others from time to time in my Friday Freebies.

If you want to make sure you won’t miss any of the Friday Freebies feel free to sign up for my newsletter using the form below – I’m always announcing Friday Freebies there as soon as they become available.


Free Sock Knitting Patterns: Silberbaum

jriede Silberbaum Socks free knitting pattern

Free Sock Knitting Patterns: Salis Socks

jriede Salis Socks

Free Sock Knitting Patterns: Easy Peasy Zigzag Socks

zigzag jriede free sock knitting pattern

Do You Feel More Confident in Sock Knitting Now?

I hope you enjoyed my series about sock knitting. After reading it (and hopefully, tried out some techniques) would you say you’re feeling more confident now when it comes to knitting socks? I’m curious to hear your comments – please leave a comment below!

PS. The extended version of this series is available in book form and called Sock Knitting in Plain English – I’m sure you’ll like it!

Sock Knitting in Plain English

Knitting socks that fit? Yes, please.


Getting sock sizing right is a common issue among sock knitters all over the world. By using the extensive sizing tables and detailed instructions in this free guide you'll probably never suffer from socks that just won't fit their recipients ever again.

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