The Making Of Plant Anatomy: A Box Full of Yarn Support

The Making Of Plant Anatomy_ creating a shawl design collection from start to finish

Last June, the book Plant Anatomy by Nehemiah Grew (published in 1680) inspired me to create a collection of shawl designs around this theme. The book is full of detailed, beautiful illustrations of the microscopic anatomy of plants: mostly cells, and lots of interesting textures evolving naturally. I’m very happy to announce that Deborah from Yarn Indulgences is providing yarn support for the project!

This post is part of the series documenting the creation of the shawl pattern collection book Plant Anatomy. Find the Table of Contents here.

Step 1: Selecting Yarn, Stitch Patterns and Shawl Shapes

At the moment I’m in the very first phase of shawl design: selecting stitch patterns, yarn and colorways to match each other as well as the general concept. (Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? Maybe reading my article series How To Create A Knitting Pattern: The Complete Guide helps.)

Usually, this step is done separately for each shawl design. All graduates of my online course Successful Shawl Design know the importance of matching yarn, stitch pattern and shawl shape to avoid common pitfalls like stitch patterns getting lost in busy colorways, or gauge that doesn’t work well with the drape we want to achieve – to name just a few.

When I’m looking for inspiration for a new shawl design I usually start with either a shawl shape or a skein of yarn. (You can start with a stitch pattern too, but I rarely do). For this project, I have to make this decision ten times – once for each shawl design I’m creating – but luckily this time I have been provided yarn especially for this project so at least I don’t have to make color decisions.

Yarn Indulgences dyed the yarn for the Plant Anatomy project

The yarn for the Plant Anatomy project is provided by Deborah Ogden from Yarn Indulgences.

Yarn Indulgences is located in Cambridge, Ontario. Deborah’s yarns are available in a broad range of fibers and her colors are to dream of. I warmly  recommend trying out her gorgeous hand dyed yarns – I’m sure you won’t regret it!

You can find Deborah’s yarns on Facebook, too: Yarn Indulgences on Facebook. And here’s her Instagram.

Yarn for the Plant Anatomy shawl design collection project

The first four shawls are finished already. Watch out for a post later this week if you are looking forward to a preview!




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    What a fabulous idea. I love those drawings and can see how they would inspire you. Can’t wait to see the patterns.

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