Miltach, Bavaria: Our New Home Town, Or Just a Place To Live?

As you might have noticed, we have been moving from the German North Sea coast to the deepest Bavaria. Our new home town is called Miltach. Never heard of it? Never mind, I didn’t neither before I had a look on the house available here. Even Wikipedia doesn’t have much information available on it.

It’s 70 kilometers to Regensburg, the place I am studying medicine. A little bit more (170 km) to where my parents live – in Steyr, Upper Austria.

I really like the landscape here as it’s very similar to my home town.

Miltach, Bavaria

Miltach, Bavaria

The garden is still a mess and I don’t expect this to change until next spring.

Miltach: Garden Mess

We moved in about four weeks ago but to be honest, I still don’t feel settled down. When does a house become a home? When does a place to live become a home town?

Soon, I hope. The best of all boyfriends is working on the flooring in the hall way, I’m doing what I am best at: painting walls.

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  1. June says:

    A house becomes a home where you decide you’d rather be than anywhere else. You have your favorite things there, and those you cant have there are not far away. When the work is done on the refurbishing and all your belongings are in their places, then you will relax and say this is home. You’ve got a beautiful peaceful place to live and study. Lots of blessings there, including an A+ boyfriend!!

  2. Dani Senn says:

    Well, I think, if your body only live there, it is a house. Home is, where my heart lives. I know Miltach, it is near by my home village, where I had grown up, called Ruhmannsfelden. My roots come from the Bavarian Forest, i love the landscape, the people, but I don’ t want to live there anymore. My real home is because of my movements during study and working there were my heart lives.

  3. Catherine says:

    Congratulations on the move! I think home “happens” when everything just “fits”.. You love being there and like the previous comment said– there’s no other place you’d rather be. I think being comfortable in your community and getting to know your neighbors makes you feel like you belong. And you feel like you want to contribute to your community and see the beauty in its people as you get to know them. Your pictures of the landscape are beautiful, serene and peaceful looking! To me that’s a huge plus!!!
    Thank you for sharing, AND for your gorgeous knitting patterns! Happy home-making!!

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