Leaf Knitting in Progress

Knitting Leaves: The Green Shawl in Progress

A few days ago I shared the first part of my homework for module one of my online course Successful Shawl Design with you. I’m happy to tell you there’s progress – I actually started knitting my sample shawl.

If I were following my own protocol on how to create a knitting pattern exactly, the next step after working the first swatches would have been taking pictures of the swatches with a ruler but I was so keen on starting this thing I just did it.

I could not resist.

Knitting Leaves: The Green Shawl in Progress

The border shows knitting leaves along both sides, the first section of the main panel are leaves, too – I’ll have to write about converting rectangular stitch patterns into stitch patterns incorporating triangle increases soon, I guess.

It’s on the list for tomorrow, actually … not that I should study anatomy instead.

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