Alpine Lace Knitting in Austria and Bavaria

Alpine Lace Knitting

Austria and Bavaria have a lace knitting tradition manifesting mostly in socks not shawls.

The Alpine knitting traditions are rich in lace stitch patterns. The most common elements are vertical stripes and motifs featuring leaves.

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There are some special stitches in Alpine lace knitting: Kleeblatt (clover), Eulenköpfchen (owl heads), Pfauenauge (peacock butterfly) and variations. They all feature dropped stitches, knitting stitches from lower rows (like three or five) below and eventually wrapped stitches.

Another main feature is the combination of lace with cables.

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  1. Martina says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! My favourite book that I own since the 80’s is “Alte Strickkunst” by Irmgard Gierl. I love the old traditional knits.

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