How To Create a Knitting Pattern Knitting Tutorials

How To Create a Knitting Pattern

Want to create your own knitting patterns but don’t have a clue where to start? This article series covers everything from inspiration to publication of the finished knitting pattern.


5 ways to knit a sock heel

5 Ways of Knitting Sock Heels

This knitting tutorials will teach you how to knit sock heels in various ways, including recipes for each sock heel type covered: German Short Row Heels, the Hat Heel, Dutch Heels, Flap Heels and the Toe Up Flap Heel.


SDIPE Knitting Tutorials

Shawl Design Free Online Course

Want to start designing your own knitted shawls? This is the #1 resource on the web. And it’s free!

All imaginable shawl shapes are covered. If you know about a shawl shape not covered by this tutorials and let me know you’ll get a free pattern of your choice from my shop!

About These Tutorials

Knitting Is Not Rocket Science

Knitting and knitwear design are not rocket science: you can learn that, too! These knitting tutorials will help you getting started with designing your own knitted shawls, create knitting patterns and getting to know sock heels in a nutshell.

Need a Topic Covered?

Are you struggling with a specific topic in knitting or the sister arts? Let me know and we could create a tutorial helping you and others with your knitting and design skills!

Are These Tutorials Helpful?

I’m always enjoying hearing back from people who benefit from the content I provide for free. Did one of these tutorials help you with a specific knitting related issue? I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to drop me an email anytime.

If you enjoy this tutorials and find them helpful, please consider sharing this link or links to specific parts of these series. That helps a lot and is a nice way to say thank you for providing these knitting tutorials for free. Thank you!

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