Looking for knitting jobs? Currently, I’m looking for help in the following areas:

Test Knitting

One cannot have enough test knitters. Do you agree? If you would like to become a test knitter for my patterns please drop me a short message or use the form below to subscribe to my test knitter’s mailing list. In case you decide to drop me an email please include information about your proficiency in knitting, your test knitting experience and what you expect to get in return. Thanks!


Currently, I’m looking for test knitters for the following patterns:

The Plant Anatomy Shawl Pattern Collection

I wrote about this project back in June last year already, and a few days ago the sample yarn finally arrived (Yay!!). The plan is to create ten shawl patterns inspired by the 1680 book The Anatomy of Plants by Nehemiah Grew. There’s a Pinterest board for Plant Anatomy within my boards, too.

I’m looking for test knitters for ten shawl patterns (various sizes and shapes). You should be capable of finishing a shawl within 4 weeks after receiving the pattern draft and not be intimidated by working on a knitting pattern with no existing pictures (besides swatches and sketches). I’m expecting at least weekly check-ins including a progress report and pictures of the shawl in progress.

If you would like to be part of the projects listed above or want to be notified as soon as new patterns are available for test knitting feel free to join my Test Knitters mailing list (low traffic, only used for announcements related to test knitting!) – please use the form above.

Tech Editing

I am consistently publishing new patterns, pattern collections and books covering the area of advanced knitting techniques and knitwear design. If you are

  • a tech editor for knitting patterns, or
  • an editor with knitting experience

and think we should work together, I’d love to hear from you. Please provide a short bio, some references (or a really good reason why you cannot) and your rates in your initial email.

Ideally, we can set up a long-term cooperation that builds onto professionalism, delivery in time and a shared passion for knitting. I really don’t care if you have been in business for 20 years or are just starting up – the only thing that matters in the end is the quality of your work and if we like working together.


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