Knitting in Med School: It’s Going To Be Regensburg

knitting in med school

Sorry if I missed emails in the last days. I have to admit I’m a bit overwhelmed of the result of my Med School application for the coming autumn:

I’m in. 

I got a place to study medicine. For real. In Regensburg.

At the moment, I have barely realized it. After having a few glasses of sparkling wine and celebrating tonight, maybe it becomes real.

So sorry if I don’t answer emails today. My head is spinning.


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  1. Dani senn says:

    Ganz herzlichen Glückwunsch! Regensburg und die Uni sind traumhaft. Hab dort die Vorklinik absolviert. Lang ist es her, aber ich fand es dort traumhaft!

  2. Macaron says:

    Though I’ve been reading you for months, I never left a message before.
    But today, I cannot help myself because it is such great news ! Congratulations !!

  3. Rosie says:

    Congratulations! I’ve just been there two weeks ago for a night during our trip going home from Croatia to the Netherlands, think it’s a great place to live.
    Found two shops there, in one of them I bought beautifull yarns for two projects

  4. June says:

    Well, you have someone excited and happy for you in the middle of the USA!!! Your good news is world-wide! I wish you lots of success!!!!!!

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