I Fell In Love With This Summer Shawl Pattern

summer shawl pattern

Vortex shawls are the new yoga, as it seems. They pop up literally everywhere, as if people are fed up with knitting the hip shawl shape of last year (crescent shawls, what else?).

Summer Shawl Knitting

I’m no exception. Vortex shawls are just plain cool: they make mindless TV knitting, are adjustable by default and progress oh so fast, especially in the beginning.

Summer Shawl Knitting

No wonder I cast on one as soon as I discovered two skeins of a lovely cotton gradient yarn I found in a local yarn store nearby. What a lovely summer shawl pattern this will be!

Summer Shawl Knitting

It’s been just two days of knitting, and it’s almost finished already!

What’s on your needles right now?

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