How to Find Lace Knitting Stitch Patterns

Lace Knitting Stitch Patterns

Finding the perfect stitch pattern for your next lace project can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start. Let me help you by providing a compilation of resources for finding lace stitch patterns!

The Complete Guide to Lace Knitting: Table of Contents

Free Online Resources for Lace Knitting Stitch Patterns

My number one online resource for finding lace knitting stitch patterns is Pinterest. As stitch patterns are such a visual thing obviously, a visual search engine – and nothing else is Pinterest – is the best choice.

Lace Knitting 101: Finding Lace Knitting Stitch Patterns

I’m collecting stitch patterns I like on my Pinterest board Stitch Patterns.

Julia Riede on Pinterest: Stitch Patterns

There are certain website dedicated to provide free stitch patterns, some of them including lace patterns.

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Books for Lace Knitting Stitch Patterns

Pitsilised Koekirjad

The main source of Estonian lace stitch patterns and techniques is the book Pitsilised Koekirjad by Leili Reimann, published by Kirjastus Monokkel in 1995; known in American lace knitting community as Estonian lace book. It is currently out of print.

Barbara Walker

Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Pattern series is the stitch dictionary.

You can find “500 patterns clearly pictured including knit-purl combinations, ribbings, color-change patterns, slip-stitch patterns, twist stitch patterns, fancy texture patterns, yarn-over stitch patterns, eyelet patterns, lace, cables, and cable-stitch patterns” in the four volumes of this series.

Heirloom Knitting

The number one reference book on Shetland lace knitting is Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller.

Orenburg Lace Shawls

The most comprehensive reference book on Orenburg shawls is Galina Khmeleva’s Gossamer Webs: The History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls, published in 1998.

Bäuerliches Stricken

Coming in three volumes and focusing mostly on twisted stitch patterns, Bäuerliches Stricken contains some lovely Alpine lace stitch patterns, too. This books are available in German only.

Oma’s Strickgeheimnisse

Oma’s Strickgeheimnisse contains over 200 mostly lace stitch patterns. It’s available in German only.


I hope this compilation of lace knitting stitch pattern resources is helpful for you, and I’m looking forward to all your lovely new lace knitting projects!

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  1. Elizabeth P says: is a tremendous resource for knitting stitch patterns, many are charted.

    There are also doily patterns, sweater pattern generators and stitch symbol translation language definitions.

  2. Arella says:

    Pitsilised Koekirjad is very old book. Now there is new beautiful Estonian lace books available. Haapsalu Shawl, Haapsalu Scarf, Aasa Sallid, Helga Rüütli sallid – all of them contain lot of beautiful patterns.

    • Jriede Knitwear Design says:

      But these books are not plain stitch dictionaries or did I get this wrong? Thanks for your opinion!

  3. Leah says:

    This is a great list of sources – thanks for compiling and sharing! is awesome for finding/learning new stitches as well.

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