Going Back To University: My Med School Application

Yes, you read right: I’m planning on going back to university.

To all of you who joined me recently and did not follow my journey over the last years, here comes a brief not so brief summary.

After a long period in my life where I just worked as an self-taught application developer but just could not decide on a specific subject for my education I matriculated in 2002, taking evening classes, and started to study physics finally. Three years later (2005) I graduated with honors as a Master of Science at University of Vienna with a thesis on the counting efficiency of certain types of gamma ray detectors. Shortly after, I joined the Austrian Army as a scientist, where I stayed for five long years. In 2011, I was deployed to Asia after the Fukushima accident and joined Areva, a French nuclear industry company.

In parallel, I worked on my PhD thesis at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria from 2009 to 2013 dealing with certain aspects of nuclear research reactors, graduating in October 2013.

In 2014, I had enough of engineering. I was sick of all this ultra long term projects where I barely could see any progress no matter how hard I worked and how much time and effort I put into. I started my clothing label Zweitliebe and continued to create knitting patterns and sell them here in my shop and on Ravelry (I’m jriede on Ravelry, in case you might not have already known). No, I cannot make a living from it. But yes, I have been pretty happy in the last year: finally, I could spend more time with my kids. For ages, I paid other people to look after and educate them while I was busy earning our family income. I was so sick of it!

Actually, I was looking for a job over the whole last year and could not find one – first I was overqualified, then I was told I’m out of the job life for too long already. At least, that’s what they told me when I was applying for jobs. There might be other reasons for me not finding a new job which suited me better, but I can frankly say I tried my best.

The last year has been a lovely sabbatical for me. I finally found time to relax a bit, rethink my life so far and finally realized that I’m a nuclear engineer living in a country which decided to step out of nuclear power in 2011. Do I really want to be looking for a job for the next years, finally ending u at application development after all those years again? Not.

I still have 30 more years until retirement.

Thirty more years. That’s way too long to do things for a living which do not pay off and I do not enjoy.

I decided it’s time to change profession. Two months ago, I applied for studying medicine in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Magdeburg and Vienna. Today I got notice that my application is finished and being considered. Looking at my entry scores and the time since I graduated from school, chances are very good I get a place for studying medicine this fall in one of this cities. So actually, I got no idea where I will be living from this fall on but I am so excited I cannot tell you.

Guess I will need a fundraising campaign as soon as I got my place to study. I still have no clue how to finance it, but I trust the universe to provide opportunities as soon as I am in need.


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  1. Grainne says:

    Congratulations!!! I went to medical school at 28 after finishing an M.A. in literature and deciding not to go on to my Ph.D. It has it’s hard parts, but I really enjoy my work and feel like I’m doing some good. Best wishes to you!! :)

    • Jriede Knitwear Design says:

      Wow, that sounds very interesting! How was it for you to enter university at age 28 again? And what do you do for a living now if I may ask?

  2. d says:

    Great news. You will make a good doctor or medical researcher. All the best to you. Smiles – D

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