Friday Freebies: Sock Knitting Cheat Sheet

Sock Knitting Cheat Sheet

In December last year, I announced some changes to my weekly Friday Freebie series following a post asking for the future of Friday Freebies. Implementing these changes, this week’s Friday Freebie is not a knitting pattern but a very useful resource for sock knitters: the Sock Design Cheat Sheet.

What is the Sock Knitting Cheat Sheet?

Are you tired of knitting socks that just don’t fit? With this cheat sheet this will be history: equipped with complete shoe size to sock sizing conversion tables and stitch count tables for all sizes from toddlers to large men’s feet, proper sizing for your knitted socks will hopefully never be an issue ever again.

The Sock Knitting Cheat Sheet is an excerpt of my newest book, Sock Knitting in Plain English, which is hitting the bookshelves on March 14.

Sock Knitting in Plain English

Besides extensive sizing and stitch count tables, the cheat sheet comes with detailed information on how to use these tables from zero to perfect sock sizing.

Enjoy your Friday Freebie this week!

Knitting socks that fit? Yes, please.


Getting sock sizing right is a common issue among sock knitters all over the world. By using the extensive sizing tables and detailed instructions in this free guide you'll probably never suffer from socks that just won't fit their recipients ever again.

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