Friday Freebies Relaunch: Changes in 2016

Friday Freebies Relaunch

Welcome to another year of Friday Freebies! After hibernating for a while, I’ll finally continue my weekly series of free resources – with a few changes. They make everything better, promise! ;)

Friday Freebies Relaunch: What’s New in 2016

Change #1: Weekly Friday Freebies, available for one week – not just 24 hours.

Until recently, I released my Friday Freebies on Friday evening (ish) and the free download was available for 24 hours after notification via my email list.

From now on, my Friday Freebies will be available for a whole week – not just 24 hours.

Each week, another free resource – one of my patterns, or one of my other knitting resources – will be available. After the specific week ends, this download is no longer available and will be replaced by another one. Patterns and resources might appear as Friday Freebies again or they won’t so make sure you don’t miss them!

Change #2: Using subscription forms instead of just setting the price to zero in my shop.

So far, my Friday Freebies have been available as “sale” items – products with a time limited price of $0 – in my shop. From now on, my Friday Freebies are provided using subscription forms in the relevant Friday Freebie posts.

If you’re already subscribed to my newsletter or have downloaded a Friday Freebie before you are not subscribed to any other list by submitting these forms. You will not get any additional emails in this case neither.

So why am I doing it?

Using forms is just a way for me to tailor my content better to you, my readers – I don’t see the point in free resources that are not useful for you, and this helps me to determine what you like to read – and what you don’t.

I hope you’re fine with the new setup – if not, just pass. Your choice. ;)

In any case: Happy knitting, and have a very nice time!

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  1. d says:

    edited — Jullia, hmm, — how to respond??. — I checked my e-mail and not received pattern. I tried to go to shop ….. , I tried to click on …. Nothing brought up as free. i have subscribed to your newsletter before …… not “fine with new setup” but do enjoy your patterns, so hate to “pass” .

    Question Julia — will we have to subscribe again every week?
    — PS to all readers. — even when hit update to update your email, if Julia has not sent you a email (it takes a little while) you will not get pattern until she sends you an e-mail then hit subscribe and almost instantly the pattern is there. Smiles – D …. . Hope school is going good.

    • Jriede Knitwear Design says:

      You have to confirm your email address to receive the pattern as it seems to have worked out in the end. :)

      About new “subscription” every week for free resources, I wrote about this in a recent post explaining everything – yes you have to, but it doesn’t add you to any other lists in case you are already subscribed!

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