Lace Knitting: Frequently Asked Questions

Lace Knitting Frequently Asked Questions

A few days ago I asked you to tell me your number one question about lace knitting. The questions below are a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about lace knitting.

Thank you for your feedback, and I hope the Complete Guide to Lace Knitting helps you to becoming a happy lace knitter!

The Complete Guide to Lace Knitting: Table of Contents

Working With Charts

  • “How to read charts?”
  • “How does knitting from charts work?”
  • “I feel overwhelmed by charts.”

My recent articles Charts in Lace Knitting: Ready, Steady, Knit! and Creating Charts From Scratch might be a good start.

Fixing Mistakes

  • “How to correct mistakes in a repeat section without taking out a lot of rows?”
  • “How to fix mistakes in lace knitting?”

Read more here: How to Fix Your Knitting Mistakes.

Lifelines in Lace Knitting

  • What is the best fiber of yarn to use for a lifeline?
  • “How important is it to use a lifeline?”

Lifelines are covered in a chapter of their own in the book.

Finishing: Binding Off & Blocking

  • “What is the best way to block for maximum effect?”
  • “What is the best ways to block lace shawls?”
  • “Blocking! Need to give tips and hints for blocking! No point in knitting lace if you don’t know how to block…”

I wrote articles on binding off and blocking in my 30 Days to Better Knitting series: Binding Off Your Knitting, and Blocking Your Knitting.

Designing Your Own Lace Patterns

  • “How I can knit squared lace shawls?”
  • “How to construct a Shetland lace shawl?”
  • “When and what are the best increases and decreases to use when designing a lace shawl?”
  • “How I can knit square lace shawls?”
  • “How do you adjust lace motifs when designing from scratch or adjusting a written pattern?”

These questions are answered in the lace knitting book – and in real depth in Shawl Design in Plain English.

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