Free Lace Knitting Online Course Starting Soon

Lace Knitting Free Online Training

In late June, I published my latest book The Complete Guide to Lace Knitting. During the launch I asked you, my readers, whether you’d prefer to read a book or take an online course on the subject.

The results were very clear: more than 60% of you prefer an online course over reading a book.

Looking at this outcome I decided to actually do it and create an online course: Successful Lace Knitting. (Thanks for all of you who suggested course titles, by the way!)

Registration for this course will open later this month, but if you’re curious and want to get started with lace knitting taking a free training I have exciting news for you: I’m hosting a free online training starting this Sunday!

You can reserve your seat in this free mini course here.

See you in the course, and happy knitting to all of you! – Julia

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