These are the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and their answers here on Hope they help! In case your question remains unanswered, please feel free to comment below!

Who are you?

I’m Julia, a knitting nuclear physicist who recently gave up her job to attend Med School. If you want to know more feel free to read my About Julia page.

What Is This Website All About?

This website is my platform for sharing my experience in knitting and knitwear design with you. You can find knitting tutorials, knitting patterns and occasionally articles about me & my life in Med School here.

Can You Make a Living From Knitting?

Yes I can!

I’m very happy to be able to support my family with the passive income my knitting business generates: selling my knitting patterns and knitting books as well as advertising on this website.

You are very welcome to have a look at my shop or consider purchasing one of my books on Amazon.

If you want to show your support but don’t want or can afford my patterns or books, you can help me lots as well: each click on the ads displayed on this website generates income for us, so if you find any ad useful or of interest feel free to click on it. Thank you!

I missed a Friday Freebie. Can you send me the pattern?

If you’re trying to download the Friday Freebie of the week and encounter troubles during download (e.g., reached the download limits due to bad internet connectivity or similar) please send me an email. If you send the email within the time frame the Friday Freebie is available, I’ll send the pattern to you.

If you missed the time frame of availability, I’m sorry – maybe next week!

How can I add patterns downloaded from your website to my Ravelry library?

Currently, there’s no automated pattern adding to Ravelry libraries. If you purchased one of my patterns on my website please send me an receipt via email and I’ll add them.

Patterns downloaded as Friday Freebies cannot be added to your Ravelry library, I’m sorry.

Who created your logo?

The cute little sheep has been created by Adriana Hernandez.

I purchased the Kindle / paperback edition of one of your books. Can I have the PDF for free?

For the Shawl Design in Plain English series, coupon codes enabling you to download the PDF versions for free are provided in the copyright section of the books. Feel free to use them.

For all other books, there are no such codes. The reason is I would like to kindly ask you for writing a review on Amazon – everybody who writes a review gets the PDF for free. Every review helps – you don’t have to write an essay, a few words are sufficient. Reviews are an essential feature for getting exposure on Amazon, so each and every review helps making my books more visible.

In case you wrote a review please send me an email with the receipt of purchase, the name you used for the review and its date, AND a subject line containing the phrase “amazon review”. This makes processing of your request faster – if your subject line doesn’t contain this phrase it might take longer to get back to you. Thank you!

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